Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New and Innovative

Nowadays, both small and large businesses are constantly on a lookout for new and innovative ways to break through to customers using various forms of marketing and advertising. Similarly, many advertisers have pointed out that traditional forms of advertising have become less effective in reaching their consumers.  SW Mobile Media has a Fleet of trucks that cover the whole Southwestern part of the country.  As you can see from the chart below it is also the most cost affective way to reach your customers.!

It's true. Check out this Media Comparison Table that puts mobile messaging at the low end of the average advertising CPM.


Mobile Billboard Advertising Costs Less.



Media Comparison(*)



Newspaper (1/2 page, B&W):


Spot TV Ad (30 sec, prime time):


Magazine (1/4 page 4 color)


Radio (30 sec, prime time):


Billboard (stationary):


Mobile Billboards:



* Source: Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Average CPM Comparison 2003.
CPM - Cost Per Thousand


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